Civic Memorials & Monuments

Community and civic memorials and monuments create a physical place to pay tribute or mourne local, national, and cultural heroes, or events and landmarks. Commemorate a person, place, or event with a memorial or monument from Woodruff's Downriver Stone Design.

Civic memorials come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as monuments, plaques, sculptures, statues, benches and boulders. As for materials, we offer the highest-quality granite, stone, marble and bronze. Woodruff's Downriver Stone Design will help you select the perfect size, shape and stone color to customize your civic memorial or monument.

We have custom designs for all religious faiths, nationalities, military branches, social clubs and hobbies. Woodruff's Downriver Stone Design offers a variety of choices, we can provide you with the perfect balance of color, style, and messaging. We even have the ability to make photo-realistic images etched permanently into the stone.

Woodruff's Downriver Stone Design is proud to have worked with communities to create civic memorials and monuments for several parks and historic sites.